Monday, November 25, 2013

Football...My real Passion...RGIII

Ahhhhhhh!!!! A respite from serious discussion.

What happened to RGIII? Well for one...The NFL Franchise that is in DC allowed this 23 or 24 year old kid to dictate the terms of his return from a major knee injury. Secondly...the NFL Franchise that is in DC is owned by an idiot!! Third the NFL Franchise that is in DC is coached by a man that is well past his prime and never was a good coach to begin with.
That is about it in a nutshell!!

I can't leave it at that but I don't know what else to say. I will now use the team name of the REDSKINS. Yes, the REDSKINS...just like the N-Word(or Nigger/Nigga' for those of us that are not afraid to say it is a term that is now waaaaaaayyy out of favor in 2013!); SUCK!

One year removed from a huge winning streak that led the Skins to the playoffs with a superstar rookie; now the Skins are a laughing stock. The BUTT of many jokes and a constant on the soap opera that is ESPN Sportscenter. The SKINS are horrible and this is what they deserve.

What else the Health Care Debate and the Government Shutdown!!!

It's been a while but I can't take it. This might take a minute or two to type up and edit before I release it for prime time but I wanted to think it through...critically before posting.

What a fucking debacle. Congress is a complete fucking disaster!!! Quote me please.

Pass a goddamn appropriations bill and then get on with the necessary dissection of the Affordable Health Care Act. Necessary? Oh yeah....very fucking necessary! As written (I have actually downloaded and read some of it) it is a clusterfuck of a piece of legislation. It is not the worst thing or law in this country's sordid history of laws but it is far from optimal. Nothing is perfect so lets dispense with the bullshit of the current Republican argument that it should be scrapped in total.

What needs to be addressed that is not addressed AT ALL is the cost of health care. In the March 4, 2013 issue of Time Magazine, Steven Brill penned the longest article in the history of the magazine (TIME that is) on the real problem with health care. The insane cost. The CHARGEMASTER!!! If you don't know then read that article. It will take some time about a couple of days to digest; but is more than worth it. Congress of course is at the center of all this retardness. I'm going to cite this story as accurately as possible so tonight (Oct 10, 2013) I am re-reading the piece and will update this blog post as I go over the next few days. Please share widely because I think we need to elect officials that actually give a fuck.
More to come.

(Nov 25, 2013)
I let this marinate for a few weeks but I like it the way it is. The President is culpable in a broken promise to allow people to keep their coverage when it is obviously not the case. Real change needs to happen and it won't be from this group of clowns.


Where is the moral outrage? Why are people being denied the right to choose? My father is a seven year warrior still battling after beating primary colon cancer and now just maintaining with a cocktail of chemotherapy drugs for a cancerous spot on his liver that has NOT metastasized and now just recently diagnosed with leukemia.
Why can't individuals who still have all their mental faculties choose to use promising breakthrough drugs?


Check out article on Science Daily from Nov 7, 2013
Hope Builds for Drug That Might Shut Down a Variety of Cancers

I am thankful that my father is strong enough to have put up this gallant fight but I am absolutely fed up with the people who have the gall to deny freedom to choose. If there is science worth trying then NO ONE should have the right to deny me or anyone else from choosing to use that science to see where it goes. We all have to die of something and if there are individuals willing to take a chance...then we should let these people try all promising breakthroughs for the benefit of future generations.

Thursday, July 4, 2013


Years...maybe a decade or two. This is going to take a long time. Quit with all the reporting in microsecond intervals. This is a process from strongman, autocratic, to elections, to uprising, to coup, to puppet, to nirvana. Yeah right, nirvana. What does that mean?
Ever since the U.S. decided to SPREAD Democracy in the Arab region it is been an experiment. This experiment will be many years in the making with multiple fits and starts that will sometimes be bloody. This is price of freedom to govern and manage affairs of state. I hope the U.S. will abide by its own law of not providing aid to governments overtaken via coup's and declare that aid is suspended until a government is re-elected. Follow up with assistance creating something that all sides agree is a decent framework to a more final solution. At this point you are looking for the 80% solution to get some stability and then you can hammer out the other 80% (not 20%) of the details to make the solution stick. More to come...OBVIOUSLY!!!

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Back to my core thinking!!!

I am tired. Literally tired of all the bullshit with the stock market hi-jinx surrounding what the Fed is or is not doing. Who gives a shit? is all complete total bullshit!!!
QE, or enema pick your fucking poison. The notion that if the Fed stops shitting $85B a month on bonds and that makes a difference is laughable. Why? Because it is total bullshit that's why. The Fed has printed more paper and the economic needle is stuck like a broken odometer. We are stuck at 25 mph in this economy. No one is hiring, congress remains inept and no amount of QE will change the IQ of any current congressman or senator. You notice I did not capitalize congressman or senator because...THEY DON'T DESERVE THAT LEVEL OF RESPECT RIGHT NOW.
It is late...I'm watching the MLB Network highlights and my Kansas City Royals have won another game and come back to .500 and 2nd place in the AL Central. What does that have to do with the economy? Ummmm. Let me think about that. I bet I can come up with a reason why the KC Royals recent good play is more important than retards on Wall Street. .
I'll be back....I have decided not to take this one any further. It would be demeaning to sports to try and compare Wall Street and the Royals.

Big Changes! Homosexuality...

Big stuff this week on the Supreme Court. Affirmative Action upheld but with more scrutiny. Still a long way to go with this and universities and businesses alike have to make sure that diversity and representation of the population are still huge.
Gay rights. I'm stuck in my upbringing but at the same time I am changed by living and becoming more self educated. I cannot honestly say there is anything wrong about being gay. I firmly believe you are born with specific tendencies and that is just the way it is. Society, religion, and governments can't change individual people. I used to think being homosexual was a choice. I can't reconcile that anymore. I believe some people make sexual behavior choices but that is different than being fully homosexual.
What is a man/ who is in a heterosexual long term relationship but creeps online to have sex with other men/women? I would say that he or she just wants variety and has needs to stimulation that include different experiences.
Now if two people decide to live their lives together and become responsible for each other then I think governments should recognize that they are dependent on each other. If I die then my wife, the person I have chosen as my life partner gets to keep whatever I leave behind and what I have set up for her. If two men/women choose to live together and struggle through this life together then they should have the same rights. Why do other people give a damn. It is literally none of anyone else's business. I really hate all the goodie good people in this world and all of the absolute religious nuts. It is just insane that people in power have this need to control everything.

Friday, June 21, 2013

More Bullshit from Wall Street

Why do I even fucking care? I don't just makes me mad as hell. I'm no genius (although an old friend used to call me that in high school) but isn't Wall Street and the DOW and S&P and Nasdaq supposed to be a barometer of the health of the companies publicly listed?
What the fuck. Someone help me out. Why the fuck do we care about the retarded QE or not, up or down, $85B versus $65B a month. QE is not spurring lending. Companies are more liquid now than they were in the heyday of the housing bubble and fake ass credit default swaps. So why does the market react so violently every time the bearded gnome (Bernanke) farts? Companies aren't lending because the leadership in the companies don't give a fuck about lending or hiring or doing anything but being more rich.
Why? Because it is all bullshit.
My issue, our issue is that our investments; the investments of the non rich are tied up in this bullshit. Can you imagine if the Republicans were successful in privatizing Social Security? What a fucking nightmare. To be fair, the market has been good to me in my 401K, but I for damned sure would not want my whole old age safety net tied directly to fucking Wall Street.
Case in point. Look it up or just pay fucking attention. We have a surplus of gasoline, yet it is still $3 to $4 a gallon. Quack jobs keep harping about oil reserves going away yet we keep finding more whether reserves or in shale. Matter of fact the US is on track to be a major exporter due to the North Dakota oil and natural gas reserves. Why the fuck am I filling up my gas can to cut the yard, 2.5 gallon can for $5 fucking dollars. Really? Just stop!
It is all a fucking sham and I am powerless to stop it. I can blog all fucking night long and it won't do a damn bit of good. Share and share widely.